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Acer launches Halo Swing smart speaker: All the details

Acer has announced the refresh of its entire laptop, all-in-one and gaming laptop lineup ahead of the CES 2023 event. Apart from that the company has also expanded its smart speaker portfolio with Halo Swing Portable smart speaker. The smart speaker comes with an interactive LED display and features DTS sound support for improved audio quality. Here’s everything you need to know about Acer’s latest smart speaker.
Acer Halo Swing smart speaker: Features
As mentioned, Halo Swing smart speaker comes equipped with DTS surround sound technology that claims to deliver clear sound output. It also comes with an interactive LED display and also features a reactive RGB-lit base that automatically adjusts according to the various music genres while playing. The base-lit colours also change while interacting with Google Assistant and also work as a light source.
The latest Acer smart speaker also provides added convenience and device control for multiple users all at once. Supported by Google Home and the Acer Halo Swing App, it allows for hassle-free device pairing and management, communications, and group music playing using other speakers.
The Acer Halo Swing Smart Speaker allows users to play their favourite music, control the volume and find information about the song that they are listening to hands-free.
As far as smart functionalities are concerned, it can deliver all the features that any Google Assistant-backed speaker can. Users can plan their day, set alarms, and control smart devices around the house – just by using their voice.
The speaker’s LED dot display panel enables users to check customizable updates such as mail, calendars, reminders, and messages. To top it all off, the Acer Halo Swing Smart Speaker is designed with IPX5-rated water resistance and features a leather handle.
It also supports smart link-switching capabilities supporting Bluetooth 5.2 wireless streaming or aux-in port options.



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