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CES 2023: Samsung introduces ViewFinity S9 monitor for creative professionals

Samsung has introduced a new monitor in the ViewFinity lineup – the ViewFinity S9 – with smart colour calibration designed for creative professionals. The company says that the new monitor has been optimised for creative professionals.
ViewFinity S9 monitor: Specifications, features, and more
ViewFinity S9 monitor features a 5K 27-inch display, offering a resolution of 5,120×2,880 pixels. The monitor has been optimised for creative professionals, including photographers, video editors, and graphic designers. The monitor covers 99 per cent of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, promising to deliver crisp and true-to-form details. The ViewFinity S9 monitor has an average Delta E ≦21 colour accuracy, producing clear and precise colours, even in complicated visual environments.
The S9 monitor offers a built-in Colour Calibration Engine that ensures precise screen colour and brightness. The engine allows users to adjust white balance, Gamm, and RGC colour balance from their smartphone using the Samsung Smart Calibration application. The matter display on the ViewFinity S9 monitor minimises light reflection and glare, reducing distractions during work.
The ViewFinity S9 monitor offers a USB-C port for easy connection with cameras and other devices. Further, the monitor has Thunderbolt 4 ports to transfer huge files or high-resolution video from storage devices to the monitor.
The monitor comes with the 4K SlimFit camera that can be attached to the monitor for video calls, as the monitor supports native video conferencing apps such as Google Meet.
Samsung ViewFinity S9 monitor comes with Samsung Smart Hub pre-installed, giving users access to OTT apps, such as Netflix, Prime Video, and more, cloud gaming apps, and also video conferencing apps, including Google Meet.
There is no word on the pricing of the Samsung ViewFinity S9 monitor. The monitor has been announced at CES and will soon be made available for purchase in the US, India, and other markets.



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