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Explained: Intel Unison app and how it can fix all your Android and iPhone sync problems with Windows PCs

Making an iPhone and Windows PC work together is a nightmare. Both the devices don’t go well together. In fact, one solution that Microsoft offers natively with Windows 11 is the Phone Link app is also limited to Android devices only. In a situation like this, Intel announced a new app called Unison as an all-in-one solution for connecting smartphones and Windows 11 PCs together.
Intel announced the app in November 2022 and has finally made it available for users to download. Now, if you are wondering what is this app and how it can solve one of the biggest problems that usually smartphone users face with Windows 11 PCs. Read on:
What is the Intel Unison app?
Intel Unison app lets users connect Android/iOS mobile phones to Windows 11 PCs and provides integrated solutions for users. The app lets users take care of the smartphone ‘business’ right from their PC screen. In terms of features, it lets users answer calls, sends text messages, view missed calls and interact with notifications. Furthermore, the app also allows users to transfer files between devices using a PC keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen.
How does it solve the biggest Windows-Android/iOS problem
It is pretty clear that the idea of an app like this isn’t new. Several third-party apps and services are available let alone built-in solutions like Phone Link from Microsoft. Now, most of them have either died trying to build a comprehensive solution to this problem or some restricted themselves to Android devices only, including Phone Link.
Unison, according to Intel, lets users connect and sync both Android and iOS devices to Windows 11 PCs and access notifications, calls, messages, etc.
Now, we’ve tried the app and it for sure works with both Android and iOS devices and there’s no denying that it is one of the best solutions available. Given your phone and Windows PC meets the minimum system requirements.
About solving the connectivity problem between smartphones and Windows 11 PCs. The entire setup is a one-time process and going forward, your phone automatically gets connected to the system via the app installed on both phone and PC and acts mostly like a native solution which makes it both functional and useful.



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