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Gigabyte announces new tech on Intel platforms: Performance, power consumption and cooling improvements

Popular hardware producer Gigabyte has announced a new PerfDrive technology for the Intel 700 series platform. This new technology integrates multiple exclusive Gigabyte BIOS settings that allow users to easily balance between different levels of performance, power consumption, and heating based on their needs. Here are some more details about the new Gigabyte technology:
Gigabyte PerfDrive technology: Compatibility
Gigabyte’s new PerfDrive tech will work only with 13th gen Intel core processors including the i9-13900K CPU. Apart from the earlier released Instant 6GHz, Gigabyte’s latest technology also integrates newly developed BIOS settings of “Optimization and Spec Enhance”. PerfDrive even collaborates with the existing GCC (Gigabyte Control Centre) software platform and Gigabyte Ultra Durable design to bring the Intel 700 series platform with compatible motherboards in hardware, software and firmware.
Gigabyte Z790 motherboards improved performance
Gigabyte Z790 motherboard’s enhanced hardware design for power management, thermal and stability help it to beat the all-core overclocking world record on Cinebench R23. This hardware also creates significant DDR overclocking performance with DDR5 9300. Now, with Gigabyte’s new PerfDrive technology, users can access the optimal performance of the Z790 platform and benefit from the easy tuning for 13th gen Intel CPUs on the B760 platform. PerfDrive technology is based on optimised HW design with some unique Gigabyte BIOS setting that helps users with an intuitive graphical interface in the Gigabyte UEFI BIOS.
What are ‘Instant 6GHz’, ‘Optimization’ mode, “Spec Enhance mode” and E-Core Disable mode
Instant 6GHz is a service that allows users to run Intel CPUs beyond 6GHz by activating related BIOS settings. The new PerfDrive technology on the Z790 platform integrates several modes of BIOS settings as well.

Meanwhile, the ‘Optimization’ mode allows Intel processors to complete the burning test successfully with 360 water cooling. On the other hand, the Spec Enhance mode allows Intel platforms to balance between high performance and low temperature.
Apart from this, the E-Core Disable mode allocates CPU resources to P-core exclusively to boost its overclocking and gaming performance. This mode also diminishes the overall power consumption of processors.
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