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Intel Unison app: Here’s how you can get notifications, messages and calls from your iPhone to Windows PC

Intel has finally made its Unison app available to users. For those unaware, the app allows users to connect their iPhone or Android device to Windows 11 PCs and access a slew of features like notifications, messages, calls and files. It is basically an alternative to Microsoft’s Phone Link, except it also works with Apple iPhones.
This makes this app a little different from what others are offering and it is also perhaps the only reliable solution available in the market.
Wondering how this works? Follow our step-by-step guide:
But, before jumping into the steps, there are a few things that you should know about setting up the Unison app. First, you’ll need to download and install the Intel Unison app on both Windows PC and your smartphones. Then, you’ll need to pair them together. Also, if you want to take calls, you’ll need to pair them via Bluetooth as well. That’s it, follow the instructions to get started with the Intel Unison app.
Minimum system requirements

  • iOS 15 or above
  • Android* 9 and above
  • Windows 11 2H22 or newer

Although, Intel has mentioned that at the time of launch, the app will only support 12th-generation Intel Evo devices. However, we tried installing it on other systems running 11th-generation processors and it worked totally fine.
How to download the Unison app on your device
The Unison app is available via app stores. Android users can download it via Google Play Store, iOS users can download it via Apple App Store. However, Microsoft Store does not return any results for the Intel Unison app at the moment. So, you can click on this link to manually trigger the Microsoft Store and download the app.
Once everything is installed, follow the steps:


On PC:

  • Open Intel Unison app
  • Turn on Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Follow on screen guide to install phone app
  • Pairing phone and PC apps
  • Scan QR Code or use Text Code then verify with PIN Code
  • Confirm with New auto generate QR Code or PIN,if expired

On smartphone

  • Download and install the phone app
  • Turn on Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Accept Terms and license agreement then gain permission to listed Access
  • Scan QR Code or get Text Code from PC then verify with PIN for pairing

Once the entire process is completed properly, your phone and PC are now connected to each other. Also, you will now receive notifications, calls, etc right on your PC screen.



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