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Sai Tamhankar: I want to do a hardcore action film | Hindi Movie News

Of late, a lot of Bollywood actresses are taking to doing action on screen. And now Mimi fame Sai Tamhankar too has shown interest in exploring that genre. The actress who was last seen in India Lockdown has been a part of various genres as she actively worked in Hindi and Marathi films. However, action is something that she is itching to do!
She shares, “I have mentioned this a million times that I want to do a hardcore action film. I am desperately waiting for somebody to approach me for such a project. I love action.” Sai who was a state-level kabaddi player in school and is also orange belt in karate says that she’s so desperate to do stunts on screen that she might produce her own film to win that opportunity. She says, “An action film will be a dream project for me and I think I will have to create something on my own.”

Though she is waiting to be a part of her dream genre film, Sai in her earlier chat did mention how she’s being approached for interesting films after her successful stint with Mimi. She had said, “I think many doors are opening for me now. I am being approached for interesting projects quite often these days, which is great. I am meeting new people and working with talented people. It’s like different avenues are opening up for me and I am ready to take on the world! There’s this very positive feeling right now.”



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