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This Intel app lets you connect your Android, iPhone with Windows 11PC to take calls, file transfer, notifications and more

Microsoft already has a Phone Link app that allows users to connect their Android devices to Windows PC and receive notifications, and calls and even run apps and transfer photos wirelessly. However, the app only works with Windows and Android and does not work with iPhones. As a solution to this, Intel announced its Unison app in November 2022 and two months later, the company finally made it available for users.
Intel Unison app lets iPhone and Android users connect their Phones to PC
According to the official website, the Unison app let users link their smartphones to Windows PC and it works with both Android and iOS devices given they meet the required system requirements.
Minimum system requirements for running Intel Device Link:
iOS 15 or newer
Android 9 and above
Windows 11 2H22 or newer:
The Intel Unison app is now available to download on Android via Google Play Store, on iPhones via Apple App Store and on Windows 11 PC via Microsoft Store. Also, users will require to install the app both on their phone and Windows 11 PC to pair them together.
Also, users will be required to pair the phone via Bluetooth in case they want to take calls right using the Windows 11 PC.
To pair the devices, the phone must be nearby and powered on. An internet connection is also required for both phone and PC and Bluetooth is mandatory for iOS device pairing.
Intel Unison: Features
As we’ve mentioned that Intel Unison app is designed to act as a bridge between Windows 11 PCs and smartphones. The app offers obvious features like notifications, calls, etc. However, it also allows users to quickly and wirelessly transfer files between the connected devices.
In addition, users can also use the app to send and receive messages on their PC, manage and reply back.



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