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Tunisha Sharma suicide case: Sanjeev Kaushal on allegations of being her stepdad and not mama, says ‘Bolne ke liye toh log bohot kuchh bolte hain’

The tragic demise of 20-year-old Tunisha Sharma has shaken everyone. The actress died by suicide on December 24, 2022. She was found hanging in a make-up room on the set of her TV show, Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul.

Her co-actor Sheezan Khan was arrested on the same day for abetment of suicide following a complaint filed by Tunisha’s mother, Vanita Sharma.

The actress’ family, including her mother, Pawan Sharma and Sanjeev Kaushal, have levelled allegations against Sheezan.

Vanita Sharma accused Sheezan of cheating on her daughter Tunisha and pressurising her to convert to Islam. In response, Sheezan’s mother Kehekshan Faisi and his sisters, Falaq and Shafaq Naaz, along with his lawyer, Shailendra Mishra, held a press conference on Monday (January 2) to address all the allegations.

They refuted that Tunisha was pressured to wear hijab or learn Urdu and also claimed that Sheezan was single after breaking up with Tunisha, 15 days before she died by suicide. They also said that Sanjeev Kaushal, who claims to be her mama, isn’t related to her by blood and his relationship with Vanita is being looked into by the police. There are also rumours that Sanjeev could be Tunisha’s stepfather.

We spoke to Sanjeev Kaushal to know his side of the story and here is what he has to say:

On controlling Tunisha and her money:

He says, “She was 20 and started working at a young age. Obviously, someone would have to take care of her money. We never stopped her from spending her money. She was free to buy and spend that money whenever and on whatever she wanted. They have also said that she was forced to work. Koi kisi ko zabardasti kaise kaam kara sakta hai. Acting was her passion and she wanted to work. Aur humne hamesha use badhiya kaam karvaaya hai. The quality of work was always good and she didn’t take up any mediocre projects.”

He adds, “People are also claiming that Tunisha has left behind assets worth Rs 16 crore. Let me tell you, everything, including her car and laptop, has been bought in installments.”

On not being Tunisha’s real mama and casting suspicion on his relationship with her mother, Vanita:

He says, “Mujhe shaayad iss baat ka hamesha malaal rahega that she wasn’t my real daughter. Harr koi itni pyaari aur talented ladki jaisi beti chahega. I have loved her like my own daughter, Ritika (22 years). We have known the family for the past 10-12 years. In fact, we celebrated Tunisha and Ritika’s birthdays together. 16 birthdays humne saath mein celebrate kiye hain. Jo Tunisha ke liye aata tha woh Ritika ke liye aata tha aur jo Ritika ke liye aata tha woh Tunisha ke liye aata tha. Dono ko ek jaise hi treat kiya hai hamesha. Kuch rishte sage rishton se bhi zyada badhkar hote hain. Sabke hote hain, aapke bhi honge.”

He adds, “People say whatever they want to. We will soon address the media and then I will share who is the stepfather and stepdaughter. Why aren’t they revealing what happened during that 15-minute conversation between Tunisha and Sheezan on December 24? Let them also come clean on this.”

Vanita is currently in Chandigarh performing the rituals for her daughter. Sanjeev says, “We got her to Chandigarh on December 31. We came by the road along with the pet, who Tunisha got two months ago. We couldn’t leave the pet in Mumbai. Woh usko bohot pyaara tha. We also got her car. Tunisha’s mother is unable to deal with the setback. I am also diabetic. Our top priority is to help her mother in overcoming the setback. She needs to be stable and she wakes up with a start saying that Tunisha is coming home or is around. Humne January 1 ko Tunisha ki asthiyon ko pravah kiya aur aaj antim paath rakhvaaya hai. We are currently focusing on her mother’s well-being. We will address the media soon and will talk about everything. All we want is justice for Tunisha.”



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