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Acer has a new work desk that’s designed to keep you fit: Details

Acer is looking to keep you fit while you work. And, in pursuit of that, the company has announced a new work desk called eKinekt BD 2 bike desk that comes with a stationary bike to empower sustainable and healthier lifestyles. eKinekt BD 3 lets users exercise as they work by using kinetic energy from the rider’s pedalling to power the machine and charge devices.
Acer eKinekt BD 3 bike desk: Features
Acer eKinekt BD 3 bike desk features an LCD display and supports a companion app that provides information to help riders stay on track with their progress during exercise regimes or work periods.
Users can seamlessly adjust the bike resistance, seat, and desk height based on desired placement to provide added flexibility and comfort when working or training. The device is also equipped with two USB Type-A ports and one USB Type-C port, a bag hook, and a beverage holder for added convenience whether in the office or in the comfort of home.
Talking about converting kinetic energy into electricity, the desk can generate 75W of self-generated power with a cycling speed of 60RPM for one hour. The electricity generated can be used to charge laptops and other devices.

The multi-function bike desk features two USB Type-A ports and a USB Type-C port, allowing for multiple mobile devices to be charged all at once. An LED charging indicator on the back of the bike lights up when pedalling, signalling that kinetic energy is being converted. The eKinekt’s wide desk surface provides the user with ample working space, while the adjustable table height and seat let them sit in a comfortable position at all times. For added convenience, it is designed with a bag hook that lets users easily hang their belongings and a designated beverage holder to stay hydrated and avoid spillage when on the bike.
In Working Mode, the desk surface moves closer to the chair to let riders sit in an upright position while typing and pedalling. In Sports Mode, the desktop sits further forward, giving more room to lean in, similar to the position on a standard bike or trainer, for added leg space and increased pedalling power.
Price and Availability
The eKinekt BD 3 will be available in North America in June at USD 999; in EMEA in June, at EUR 999, and in Taiwan in April, at NTD 29,000.



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