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CES 2023: Dell announces world’s first 6K monitor and Zoom-certified keyboard

Dell has made several new announcements at CES 2023. This includes the world’s first 6K monitor and a Zoom-certified keyboard. The company has unveiled the world’s first 6K resolution monitor — UltraSharp 32 (U3224KB). Along with this, the company has also announced the Dell Premier Collaboration Keyboard (KB900). Here’s everything you need to know about them.
Dell UltraSharp 32 (U3224KB) monitor: Features
Dell UltraSharp 32, according to the company, is world’s first monitor to offer 6K resolution. It features an IPS BLack panel technology which claims to provide better contrast and deep Black levels. The monitor is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The company says that the monitor offers 150% more pixels than the 4K monitors, around 41% deeper Black levels and 1.2 times better colour accuracy than the conventional IPS display monitors.
The monitor also comes with a built-in dual gain HDR 4K webcam with auto framing, light adjustments plus, an automatic safe shutter, echo cancellation microphones and dual 14W speakers for better sound output.
The monitor includes DisplayPort 2.1 and Thunderbolt 4 with up to 140W power delivery.
Other Dell UltraSharp monitors
In addition to the new 6K monitor, the company has also showcased the UltraSharp 34 and UltraSharp 43. The UltraSharp 34 is the company’s first curved WQHD monitor with IPS Black technology. It is a USB-C Hub monitor that supports up to two PCs at once via Picture-by-Picture (PBP) and Picture-in-Picture (PIP) features. The monitor comes with integrated dual 5W speakers.
The Dell UltraSharp 43, on the other hand, is also a USB Hub monitor and allows users to connect on a PC and then split it into multiple up to four screen partitions.
Dell Premier Collaboration Keyboard (KB900): Features
Another new from Dell is a keyboard called Premiere Collaboration Keyboard which comes with Zoom certification and is designed to boost collaboration. It features a sleek design, and touch controls to manage Zoom calls easily, allowing users to mute/unmute the microphone, toggle the video on/off, share the screen and open the chat panel.
It also features smart backlighting with hand proximity detection, 15 programmable keys and fast one-minute USB Type-C Charing that claims to deliver up to 7 days of battery life. Dell claims on a full charge, the keyboard will last around 20 days.
Pair the keyboard with the new Dell Premier Rechargeable Mouse (MS900), featuring a crafted design with a comfortable palm grip. This mouse has a track-on-glass sensor that allows users to work virtually on any surface. Users can also switch between three devices that are paired with the mouse. Dell is also offering the option to fine-tune the speed of the mouse as per the liking.
The mouse claims to offer half a day of use with one-minute USB-C quick charging and up to three months of battery life on a full charge.
Dell UltraSharp 32 6K Monitor (U3224KB) will be available in the first half of 2023, while the Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor (U3423WE) and Dell UltraSharp 43 4K USB-C Hub Monitor (U4323QE) will be available on January 31, 2023. The Dell Premier Collaboration Keyboard (KB900) and Dell Premier Rechargeable Mouse (MS900) will be available starting January 31, 2023, or as a bundle on March 23, 2023.



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