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CES 2023: Dell improves ‘Concept Nyx’ ecosystem with new controller features, gaming enhancements

Dell’s dedicated team at the Experience Innovation studios has improved PC gaming by experimenting with Concept Nyx ecosystem in 2022. This gaming concept allows users to access gaming libraries across multiple devices and screens. The company has now further upgraded the ecosytem to explore how to make gaming libraries more accessible than ever. The company claims that the Concept Nyx game controller is a prototype and not a product. Dell also mentions that this new prototype may seem like a basic controller but it has several unique features that no other PC gaming controller offers.
Dell’s improved ‘Concept Nyx’ controller: Features and other details
This new controller prototype will bring personalised settings and content to the user’s fingertips. This experimental gaming accessory also has a fingerprint reader and will even allow users to stream to any of their devices or screens by just pointing the controller at them and pulling the trigger. Moreover, users can also use their voice to connect the controller.
For immersive gameplay, Dell has also been experimenting with haptics and self-adjusting variable resistance thumb sticks that can be customised according to the user’s preferences or the specific game you are playing. This will enable the thumb sticks and our X-triggers to give sensory feedback.
The company has also included shift buttons in the prototype to allow for more front button options, an innovative scroll wheel for easy navigation and weapon cycling, along with an intelligent touchpad for users to instantly access customisable controls. These features will make it easier for gamers to stay out of the settings menu and stay in the game. Users will be able to easily switch between weapons, armour, potions, and other inventory items with a quick flick down on the scroll wheels.
Furthermore, Dell has also paired the controller with fully customisable on-screen controls and overlays to show the button mapping. With this feature, users will never have to guess if they have mapped the X-button to their shields or their grenades.

The company has even added a built-in Wi-Fi connection directly to Concept Nyx. This will allow users to easily multitask and view messaging apps, emails, movies or games on intuitive split screens. Gamers can also connect multiple wireless headsets, and you could game on half of the screen while watching a movie on the other half. Users can also play two games simultaneously with this concept controller.
Dell has also improved and simplified the Concept Nyx dashboard for users to easily see what their friends are playing and quickly access their games. The company has also developed some new parental tools and dashboards that will allow parents to observe, participate and interact with the games that their children play.
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