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CES 2023: iPhone’s MagSafe coming soon to Android smartphones

At CES 2023, the Wireless Power Consortium announced a new wireless charging standard, the Qi2, a successor to Qi, which has been the standard for wireless charging for about 15 years.
Paul Struhsaker, executive director of the Wireless Power Consortium, says that consumers and retailers found the current Qi wireless charging standard confusing. He said that the problem was in differentiating between Qi-certified and non-Qi-certified devices, which caused poor user experience and safety issues.
Working out the issue, the consortium has announced the Qi2 ensures that “devices are safe, efficient, and interoperable with other brands.” Qi2 will be the global standard for wireless charging.
Apple’s MagSafe paved the way for Qi2
Apple has played a huge role in the development of Qi2 by providing its MagSafe technology of the iPhone as the basis for this new charging standard, Wireless Power Consortium said in a press release.
Based on Apple’s MagSafe, the new “Magnetic Power Profile” is the technology behind the Qi2 wireless charging standard. This will ensure that phones and other rechargeable devices are aligned perfectly with the chargers, which in turn will provide efficiency and faster charging.
At first, the Qi2 will limit to 15W, similar to MagSafe. But once the consortium completes the initial specifications, the development for faster charging versions of Qi2 with higher wattage will begin.
So does that mean Apple’s MagSafe chargers will work with Android phones? It is a yes and a no.
Apple and Samsung are on board with the Qi2 wireless charging standard, and it will soon come to their smartphones, The Verge cited Paul Golden, spokesperson of Wireless Power Consortium, as saying. In the future, Qi2 and MagSafe could be interoperable.
Golden said that Qi2 and MagSafe do not have the same magnet pattern. While Apple said they will be incorporating the Qi2, the company has not disclosed its plan for the iPhone 12, 13, and 14 and the MagSafe-compatible products already out in the market. That is why the iPhones with MagSafe – iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 – may not support Qi2.
The Qi2-certified phones and chargers are expected to hit shelves by the 2023 holiday season, which means we can expect the products to be out by the end of this year.



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