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Deepika Padukone’s shots of buttocks and ‘side pose’ censored from ‘Besharam Rang’: Report | Hindi Movie News

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had suggested several changes to Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Pathaan’, which included changes in their controversial song ‘Besharam Rang’.

From dialogue changes to several shots being censored, the CBFC had asked for more than 10 cuts in ‘Pathaan’. According to Bollywood Hungama, the word ‘RAW’ has been replaced with ‘Hamare’, ‘Langde Lulle’ was replaced by ‘Toote Foote’, ‘PM’ was replaced by ‘President or Minister’ and the word ‘PMO’ was removed in 13 places. The ‘Ashok Chakra’ was replaced by ‘Veer Puraskar’, ‘ex-KGB’ with ‘ex-SBU’ and ‘Mrs Bharatmata’ with ‘Hamari Bharatmata’. The report further stated that the word scotch was replaced by ‘drink’ while a text ‘Black Prison, Russia’ which appears in the film was replaced by ‘Black Prison’.

Coming to ‘Besharam Rang’, the report stated that close up shots of buttocks, ‘side pose (partial nudity)’ shots and visuals of sensuous dance movements during the lyrics ‘Bahut tang kiya’ have been censored and replaced with ‘suitable shots’. However, it is not confirmed if Deepika Padukone’s controversial orange swimsuit has been censored or not.

Speaking about the film’s cuts, CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi had told PTI, “I must reiterate that our culture and faith is glorious, intricate and nuanced. And we have to be careful that it does not get defined by trivia which takes the focus away from the real and the true. And like I have said earlier as well, that the trust between creators and audience is most important to protect and the creators should keep working towards it.” ‘Pathaan’ has been granted a U/A certificate after these cuts.

Directed by Siddharth Anand, ‘Pathaan’ is slated to hit the screens on January 25, 2023.



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