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Grooming trends for men in 2023

The year 2023 marks a breakaway from masks and social isolation that preceded COVID. It has become more common for people to go out, dress up better, and spend more time grooming themselves. A growing number of men’s holistic skincare and personal hygiene products are actively courting them. Despite not being a new concept, men’s grooming has been uncommon until recently due to the market’s expansion of men’s skincare and grooming products. 2023 will be the year when men’s grooming becomes popular, and more men will use grooming products than ever before. In 2023, the following trends will dominate the men’s grooming industry, suggests Rajat Tuli, Co Founder, Ustraa.

Grooming is becoming essential: Self-care and gooming is going to be one of the most notable trends in 2023, with men considering grooming as part of their daily lifestyle regime. The grooming industry has made it evident that grooming practices start with taking care of your skin and hair. In recent years, skincare has become increasingly popular. Increasingly, men are seeking solutions to specific skin care problems such as acne, vitamin C serums, and even ways to detan. As men spend more time outdoors and in polluted environments, they need to exercise extra caution. It is encouraging that men are willing to go the extra mile to groom themselves to look appealing.

The new generation of consumers, primarily Gen-Z and millennials, prefer natural ingredients and products without harmful chemicals, such as paraben. A growing number of customers are willing to pay more for products packaged in sustainable materials. For some companies, it may take a while to move toward environmentally friendly products, but the trend is certainly on the rise.
The popularity of beards will continue: It is likely that beards will stay popular, especially closely cropped types like those worn by Virat Kohli and Leo Messi. Long beards are on their way out, but well-trimmed beards are already acceptable in most workplaces. There will continue to be a high demand for beard maintenance oils and waxes.

There is a high probability that the Deo-Hegemony will fade. The popularity of fine fragrances will surpass that of deos. To upgrade from Deos, men will seek colognes, EDTS, and perfumes.

There is a crazy demand for the products with quick action: For this generation men it is becoming important to get results quickly and with minimal effort such as a lotion that instantly clears pimples in a couple of hours, or a hair spray that allows you to experiment with your hairstyle. Subsequently, quick action skincare and hair styling products will continue to be in demand.



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