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‘Loss of sexual pleasure’ among reasons behind MP man lawsuit | India News

INDORE: A tribal man in Ratlam acquitted of gang-rape charges in October 2022 has sued the MP government for over Rs 10,006 crore. Petitioner Kantu, alias Kantilal Bheel, 35, is still tormented by his ordeal in prison and said that the accusation and jail time turned his world upside down.
“The jail ordeal caused a permanent headache that torments me even after my release,” he said. He seeks Rs 1 crore compensation each for loss of business,loss of reputation and credit, on account of bodily harm and mental pain, and Rs 10,000 crore for “loss of God’s gift to humans, e. g. sexual pleasure”.
He also seeks Rs 2 lakh to cover litigation costs during his time in prison. His counsel, Vijay Singh Yadav, said the district court is scheduled to hear it on January 10. On October 10 last year, a sessions court acquitted Kantu and co-accused Bheru Amliyar observing that the prosecution failed to establish guilt beyond reasonable doubt.



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