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Microsoft may integrate ChatGPT into Bing to resist Google Search, here’s how

OpenAI is an Artificial Intelligence Research company that has designed the ChatGPT chatbot. The latest chatbot that went ‘viral’ recently was announced last month and already claims to have seen more than a million users. This new AI chat will reportedly replace traditional search engines and rumours suggest that Google might be worried about the new technology. Now, a new report claims that Microsoft is planning to launch an updated version of its Bing search engine that will use the AI behind ChatGPT to answer some search queries.
According to a report by The Information, this new change may be a part of a deal that was struck between Microsoft and OpenAI a few years ago. In 2019, when Microsoft invested in the startup it included an agreement to integrate some aspects of GPT into Bing, the report adds.
Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT integration: Availability
As per the report, Microsoft may launch a new version of Bing with ChatGPT integration “before the end of March.” The tech giant may also promote its web browser as “one of the only ways to access parts of GPT for free.” OpenAI might be planning to eventually charge for ChatGPT, which is expensive. The report mentions that Microsoft is essentially taking care of the startup’s cloud-based needs.
Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT’s ‘older’ connection
Microsoft already uses an older version of GPT that helps in generating automatic search query suggestions as users type in Bing. Apart from this, the Redmond giant has already announced its plans to integrate Dall-E 2 into Bing Image Creator. The image creator platform allows users to issue a descriptive text prompt to generate AI artwork. The report adds that a source (who has direct knowledge of the situation) has claimed that the upcoming announcements will reveal more important features.

How will Bing use ChatGPT in the coming days
Instead of the “Featured Snippet approach” that produces a list of links or quotes from a source that may address your questions, these AI-backed answers could take the form of a full sentence that will even include the source of the information. However, Bing will have to depend on its technology “to produce most search results,” the report mentions. Unlike a traditional search engine, GPT isn’t designed to keep scraping the web or provide real-time information. The report didn’t explain how Bing will ensure the accuracy of the answers.
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