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NIELIT and Microsoft team up to prepare youth for cybersecurity careers

National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) and Microsoft have announced a collaboration to increase access to cybersecurity skills for underserved youth, women, and job seekers in remote areas through the Cyber Shikshaa and Ready4Cybersecurity programs.
These programs will be implemented in 30 training centers of NIELIT in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns, with a special focus on Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh, and the North-East region of India, as part of NIELIT’s efforts to bridge the cybersecurity skills gap in the country.
The global cybersecurity skills gap and lack of diversity in the cybersecurity workforce are pressing challenges facing the modern digital economy.
According to studies, the world needs 3.4 million more people to fill the cybersecurity workforce gap. In an effort to address these issues, NIELIT and Microsoft have joined forces to train 1100 underserved youth in cybersecurity in the pilot year of their collaboration, with the goal of helping to reduce the talent deficit and provide employment opportunities in this field.
As part of their collaboration to increase access to cybersecurity skills, NIELIT and Microsoft will provide training and internship or employment opportunities in in-demand cybersecurity jobs to nearly 3500 learners.
Microsoft will support the program by providing grants for training, as well as curriculum content, certifications, and mentorship opportunities. Current program partners Data Security Council of India, Tata Strive, ICT Academy, and Quick Heal Foundation will also be involved in the deployment of the CyberShikshaa and Ready4Cybersecurity training program.
As a leading institution for examination and certification in Information, Electronics, and Communications Technology (IECT), NIELIT is dedicated to developing skilled professionals and providing support to learners and trainers through curriculum design and development and content acquisition.
“CyberShikshaa, a program offering over 400 hours of cybersecurity curriculum for underserved women engineering students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns, will be implemented through NIELIT centers.
The program includes 90 hours of business English curriculum and will be focused on the Northeast States, Jammu Kashmir, and Ladakh.
Ready4Cybersecurity, a virtual instructor-led training program delivered by NIELIT centers, provides 120 hours of cybersecurity curriculum for beginners in rural colleges and higher education institutions to prepare them for in-demand job roles in the cybersecurity industry.
Learners who receive industry certifications through the program will also have access to internship opportunities through the Future Ready Talent Program‘s partner recruitment platforms. Both programs will be deployed through NIELIT centers and aim to provide underserved youth and job seekers from remote regions with access to the latest technology courses.



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