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Nvidia to update GeForce Now with a new feature: What is it

Nvidia has updated its cloud gaming service with an important new feature. This update will allow the GeForce Now service to support ultrawide monitors. The latest update that will add support for ultrawide monitors on GeForce Now is scheduled to be rolled out soon. The company hasn’t specified the types of ultrawide monitors that will be supported by GeForce Now. However, these will include the popular 21:9 format for one and the support will go up to 3840×1600 pixels resolution. With this change, GeForce Now will upgrade 4K gaming from 60 fps to 120 fps. This new update will also support other resolution variants on ultrawide monitors like 3440 x 1440 and 2560 x 1080 pixels.
GeForce Now ultrawide monitor support: Availability
Initially, the ultrawide monitor support for GeForce Now will be limited to the Ultimate subscription tier. According to a report by 9to5Google, Nvidia has confirmed that the ultrawide support for its cloud gaming service won’t be available to free or Priority subscribers. The report also claims that Nvidia has said that ultrawide monitor support was one of the biggest requests among the players.
The upcoming update will make Nvidia’s GeForce Now the only streaming service to support ultrawide displays. Other streaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Amazon Luna and Google’s Stadia (which will shut down soon) all lack ultrawide monitor support.

Nvidia GeForce Now: Other achievements
Nvidia’s GeForce Now is set to be the first game streaming service to be available on Android Automotive. The company has confirmed that this new technology will arrive for cars like the Polestar 3 and several other vehicles later in 2023.
The company has updated its blog post to confirm that GeForce Now is confirmed to arrive for Android Automotive. Several car manufacturers including the Hyundai group (which includes Genesis and Kia), China’s BYD and Polestar will integrate GeForce Now in their vehicles.



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