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TikTok owner ByteDance lays off thousands of employees: Report

The tech industry has seen scores of employees lose their jobs as companies including Twitter, Meta, and Amazon among others have laid off workers to balance their sheets. In the latest development, TikTok-owner ByteDance has reportedly laid off hundreds of employees.
News agency Reuters cited South China Morning Post as saying that the company has fired employees across multiple departments. The layoffs affected employees at Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok with 600 million daily active users, along with its gaming and real estate operations.
Other Chinese companies such as Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings also cut thousands of jobs in 2022.
TikTok ban in US
In the last week of December, reports said that the Chinese video app TikTok had been banned from all US House of Representatives-managed devices. The move is in line with a law soon to go into effect banning the app from US government devices.
The app is considered “high risk due to a number of security issues,” the House’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) said in a message sent to all lawmakers and staff, adding that the app must be deleted from all devices managed by the House. The app has been at least partially blocked in 19 states.
“With the passage of the Omnibus that banned TikTok on executive branch devices, the CAO worked with the Committee on House Administration to implement a similar policy for the House,” a spokesperson for the Chief Administrative Officer told the news agency. The future downloads of the app have also been prohibited.
India set ‘important precedent’
Recently, Brendan Carr, Commissioner of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), told The Economic Times that India set an “incredibly important precedent” by banning TikTok and is a ‘guide star’ for other countries. He noted that since the Chinese short video app is a threat to “national security,” nothing short of a “blanket ban” — as imposed by India — will work.
“Banning TikTok is a natural next step in our efforts to secure communication networks… It (TikTok) operates as a sophisticated surveillance tool and that presents a serious national security threat,” Carr said.

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