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WhatsApp features coming in 2023: PIP mode, view once text and more

Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp keeps adding new features to enhance user security and experience. The company released a host of new features in 2022, including Message reactions, Community, Message Yourself, different editing tools, and many more. This year, the popular instant messaging platform is expected to roll out a number of new features to improve the quality of voice, video, and messages for users. The following are some of the expected features that WhatsApp is reportedly developing to introduce in 2023:
Reporting Status updates
This feature will allow users to report someone’s Status update without informing them. This is already available on other Meta-owned social media platforms, including Instagram. Once any Status update is reported by a user, it will be sent to WhatsApp for further action.
Pinning up to 5 chats
WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to pin up to five chats to the top. Currently, the app only allows users to pin up to three important WhatsApp chats.

View Once text
Soon, WhatsApp will allow users to send messages that will be automatically deleted once the recipient opens and sees them, similar to the view once media feature. WhatsApp users will be able to securely exchange sensitive information and maintain the privacy of their text conversations with this feature. It is currently being developed by the company and will soon be made available for beta testing.
Search messages by date
Users will be able to search and scroll back to the exact conversation from a particular date by using the search for messages by date feature. Currently in beta testing, this feature is expected to be made available to everyone in the upcoming months.
Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode for video calls on iPhones
PIP mode can help users to multitask and browse other apps while being on a WhatsApp video call. It shrinks the video call window into a tiny interface that can be moved around the mobile screen while using other apps. However, this feature is already accessible to Android users and will soon be made available to all iOS users as well. The new feature has reportedly been in testing by WhatsApp for the past month and has now been made available to some iOS beta testers, according to WABetaInfo. But in upcoming app updates, it will be accessible to every iPhone user.
Screen lock for WhatsApp desktop
WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will let users set a password to open their desktop app. The ability to set a security code to open an app is already available to WhatsApp users on Android and iOS, and soon WhatsApp web users will also be able to set a security pin for their desktop app. The feature could be available for both Windows and macOS in the coming months.
Multiple chats selection on WhatsApp desktop
The desktop version of WhatsApp does not currently allow users to select multiple chats at once. However, it is available on the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp. This feature allows users to delete, archive, or mark individual chats as read in the same way. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is currently being tested.



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