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Women share why they continued to stay with their husbands who cheated on them

I was a damn fool thinking I could fix things after my husband’s long-term affair. I did everything possible. Romantic getaways, spiced up the sex like crazy, worked to correct all his pet peeves with me, you name it. I really believed he stayed because he genuinely wanted to work it out, I went off on his mistress staking my claim thinking I was actually winning something and for 2 years I put myself through the humiliation of trying to be the perfect wife to keep him.

Turns out it was a love affair, not just some sex thing, he was intimate with her a couple of times after d-day when we were supposed to be fixing things and more and more things became clear as time went on and I found some additional long-hidden evidence of how serious it really was. He stayed for the kids and did not want the mess and financial ruin of a divorce.

However, I finally saw through things and ended it. I just wish he would have been honest years ago before the affair or at the very least when he was busted. I don’t think I will ever really be able to let go of the disgust I feel for him for doing this to me for so long and for years of my life wasted. The kids and I are fine and I never outed him to them although I’m sure they suspect it. I got my revenge in the financial settlement.

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