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Airtel vs Reliance Jio vs VI: Unlimited prepaid plans under Rs 200 compared

Almost every telecom service provider in India offers unlimited prepaid plans with benefits that include unlimited calling, free SMS and data qouta. However, they offer these plans on a wide range of price bracket to cater a wider range of customers. However, among other plans, the most that are relatively most common in our price sensitive market is the affordable prepaid plans and to make things easier for you, we’ve compared the plans under Rs 200 from Airtel, Jio, and VI. Read on:
Airtel prepaid plans under Rs 200
Airtel has three unlimited prepaid plans on offer. These plans are priced at Rs 155, Rs 179 and Rs 199. The common part of these plans are that they all offer unlimited calling. The Rs 155, is the cheapest and include 1GB data and 24 days validity.
The Rs 179 prepaid plan offers 2GB data and 28 days of validity. On the other hand, the Rs 199 plan comes with 3GB data and 30 days of validity.
Reliance Jio prepaid plans under Rs 200
Reliance Jio also has a wide selection of plans with unlimited calling available under Rs 200. The cheapest one is priced at Rs 119 which comes with 1.5GB daily data, 300SMS and 14 days of validity. The next plan on the list offers same data but 23 days of validity and is priced at Rs 199.
Jio also has Rs 149 and Rs 179 plans that offer 1GB data, unlimited calling, 300SMS and 14 days and 20 days validity respectively.
VI prepaid plans under Rs 200
VI offers Rs 179 prepaid plan with 2GB data and 28 days validity. Apart from this, it also has a Rs 195 plan that also comes with 2GB data but offers 1 month of validity.
However, VI offers the cheapest plan with unlimited calling and it costs just Rs 98. It offers 200GB data and 14 days validity. However, it does not include any free outgoing SMS.
Then there’s Rs 199 and Rs 129 plans available as well. The Rs 199 plan comes with unliimted calling, SMS, and 1GB daily data and 18 days of validity. The Rs 129 plan, on the other hand comes with 200MB data, calling and 18 days of validity.



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