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Apple fined 8 million euros by French privacy watchdog CNIL

Over the years, Apple has been under the scanner of multiple privacy agencies in different countries. The Cupertino-based tech giant has now been fined by France’s privacy watchdog CNIL. The French agency has imposed a fine of 8 million euros ($8.49 million) on the iPhone maker. CNIL has fined the company for ad personalisation in the Apple App Store. The privacy agency has also cited Apple’s flaws regarding user consent. According to a report by Reuters, CNIL has issued a statement that claims that the advertising targeting options available from the “Settings” icon of the iPhone were activated by default.
The report mentions that this default feature is not necessary for iPhone’s functioning. CNIL also added that this case dates back to 2021 and it was concerned with an older version of the iOS operating system.
Apple’s ‘iOS 14 failure’
As per the report, the plaintiff group that brought the case had accused Apple of failing to ask iPhone users clearly for their consent to allow installed mobile apps to collect a key identifier used for targeted ads in iOS 14. CNIL’s top adviser requested the penalty to be 6 million euros. However, the actual penalty amount is even higher than what was requested.
Apple’s response to the situation
After the announcement was made, Apple was “disappointed with this decision” and the company is planning to file an appeal, the report adds. The tech major said that Apple Search Ads goes further than any other digital advertising platform.

Apple also claimed that it is aware of this and has provided users with a clear choice as to whether or not they would like personalised ads, the report adds.
App Tracking Transparency is a privacy update that Apple added for iPhone users to get an option to block apps from tracking activity across apps and websites owned by third-party companies.
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