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CES 2023: Harman introduces DefenSight cybersecurity platform

Samsung-owned consumer product brand Harman has announced a new cybersecurity platform called DefenSight. The company’s Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) business unit will introduce the new cybersecurity platform. DefenSight will help companies to keep their IT systems safe and secure using real-time threat intelligence analytics. This new platform will be showcased at the Harman Explore event during CES 2023 which will be held between January 5 and January 8 in Las Vegas, US. Here, we have shared more details about the new cybersecurity platform:
Harman’s DefenSight cybersecurity platform: More details
Harman explains that the DefenSight cybersecurity platform can quickly and accurately identify the most vulnerable systems through continuous monitoring to comply with the security policies of the IT systems of different businesses. The platform will also use innovative ways to triangulate internal systems data with external threat data. DefenSight will even use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to reduce the cost, complexity and time needed to patch security flaws among several companies.

DefenSight cybersecurity platform: Importance
Systems in most companies are complex and interconnected. This causes security flaws to spread quickly throughout the systems of a company. DefenSight can gather inputs from various internal and external sources to validate security threats and predict which other potential systems could be vulnerable. This cybersecurity platform promises to solve the vulnerability and automatically apply the appropriate software solution.
David Owens, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Digital Transformation Solutions at Harman said that the company is “developing IP to build solutions” that will help reduce the risk of cyber-attacks by “educating customers on vulnerable areas and enabling companies to improve enterprise security across multiple engagement channels.” Owens also added that Harman is also aiming to deliver advanced safety technology that will have “a tangible impact on improving the safety of enterprise’s IT infrastructure.”
Harman’s Digital Transformation Solutions unit deploys next-gen technology platforms across industries to reduce costs and deliver innovative solutions to help its clients on their digital journey.



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