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India sees warmest December in 122 yrs | India News

PUNE: India experienced its warmest December in recorded history in 2022, primarily due to above-normal temperatures in east, northeast and parts of central India, India Meteorological Department (IMD) data revealed on Wednesday.
Though parts of north India reeled under intense cold wave for some days, the mean December temperature in the country, at 21. 49°C, was still the highest for the month in the past 122 years, breaking the earlier record of 21. 46°C in December 2008.
Rajendra Jenamani, scientist at National Weather Forecasting Centre, IMD, told TOI, “The main reason for such highs was the above-normal temperatures in east and northeast India, and also partly central India. In east and northeast India, the maximum and mean December 2022 temperatures were the highest since 1901. ” In central India, too, the mean temperature last December was the highest in the country’s recorded history, he added.
“Maharashtra, in particular, was quite warm during a good part of December. Thus, larger parts of India, including Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana, saw positive minimum temperature departures (as high as +7oC) consistently during December 1-20,” he said.
The easterly wave was predominant in parts of south India, which also affected temperatures in Maharashtra during the latter part of last month. “Clouding was seen up to north Konkan and even central India during that period, which caused a warming trend in those regions,” Jenamani said.
Cold conditions started late in India last December. “On a day-to-day basis, there were nocold wave, cold day and dense fog conditions over northern and central parts of India till December 15. The cold wave spell commenced mainly on December 18 night over northwest India (particularly Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi and north Rajasthan) and cold day conditions on December 21,” he said.
D S Pai, director of Institute of Climate Change Studies, government of Kerala, told TOI, “December witnessed the formation of cyclone Mandous and other systems that caused clouding in parts of peninsular India, even up to parts of central India. ”



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