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‘Pathaan’ controversy: Bajrang Dal protestors vandalise Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s posters in mall; fans demand ‘arrest these goons’ | Hindi Movie News

Members of the Bajrang Dal, part of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), on Wednesday vandalised the Alpha One Mall in Ahmedabad’s Vastrapur to protest against the release of the Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone film ‘Pathaan’.

The members of the political party were caught on video tearing down posters of Shah Rukh and Deepika that were placed around the mall’s entrance. According to reports, the group also threatened the mall authority of another attack if they go ahead with the screening of the film.

‘Pathaan’ landed into controversy after a BJP MP claimed that Deepika’s orange bikini in the film’s song ‘Besharam Rang’ ‘offended religious sentiments’. His comments prompted several others to also file complaints against the film and protest against its release.

The viral video of the group vandalising the mall had fans and netizens demanding their arrest. Reacting to the video, several took to Twitter to ask the police to “Arrest these goons!”

“Arrest these goons and ensure security for the film halls to screen the film when it releases. please take action,” an SRK fan handle requested. “We want to enjoy the movie peacefully with friends and family,” the fan added.

Reacting to the video, another asked, “This is a damn MALL. A private property! How dare is this allowed?”

The man went on to tweet,”By all means if you don’t want to watch #Pathaan please don’t, by all means you can even ask others not to watch the movie ..but how is violence in private property where women, kids & families come justified?”

Another condemned the attack on the mall saying that the attack was ‘deliberate’ and was simply to ‘target’ Shah Rukh Khan.

Some netizens demanded action against the group for fear of their safety while watching the film. “On 25th Jan, I am going to movie theatre to watch #Pathaan and what if some group of members come & attack on us?!” a Twitter user asked.

While there were many others who expressed concerns, the video has led many others to lend their support to the film and declare, “Now full support to #Pathaan!”

Another said, “Do how much ever negativity you want for #Pathaan. In return we will celebrate Pathaan in the biggest way possible”

A screen shot proved that despite the controversy and threats, the anticipation for the film has only increased among fans. “#Pathaan Interest Count 133.5k interest done day by day increase ho raha hai,” a fan handle tweeted.

The controversy started after Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra, made his objections to one of the songs of the movie Pathan, released as ‘Besharam Rang’. Mishra then told media persons, “The costumes in the song at first glance are objectionable. It is clearly visible that the song of the film ‘Pathaan’ has been shot with a dirty mindset.”

Mishra’s statement came two days after the song was released.

Earlier on Tuesday, members of the Hindu Jagran Manch, staged a demonstration at INOX theatre in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, demanding that the management does not release the movie here.

The protesters raised slogans and submitted a memorandum to the theatre management demanding that the movie Pathaan is not released.

President of Hindu Jagran Manch Jagdish Khatri said, “If the film Pathaan is released, then there will be a fierce protest. Today, we have given a memorandum to the management of Inox Theater regarding the non-release of the film.”

Besides the threat to theatres, a seer from Ayodhya even threatened to “burn Shah Rukh Khan alive” in the wake of the controversy.

Helmed by Siddharth Anand, ‘Pathaan’ is scheduled to release in theatres on January 25.



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