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The early and most common sign that may strike in the toilet

According to the US National Library of Medicine, alcoholic stools have a clay-coloured appearance that lacks bile pigment.

Speaking with Dr Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy said, “As the pancreatic cancer progresses, it infiltrates further into the structure of the pancreas, preventing the normal production and secretion of pancreatic enzymes which are specifically produced to digest fat.”

“This disrupts normal fat breakdown in the gut and is called pancreatic enzyme insufficiency (PEI).

“PEI causes pale, fatty, greasy, often foul-smelling stools, which don’t easily flush away in the toilet.

“Stools may be light green, pale brown, orange, yellowish, or even white in colour, sometimes with a greasy film on the top, or even look frothy. They tend to be loose, sloppy, large in volume, and frequent.”

That said, she emphasizes that acholic stools are “the most common presenting symptom” of pancreatic cancer.



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