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Twitter may soon add advanced search filters for mobile users

Elon Musk-owned micro-blogging site Twitter is reportedly developing a new feature that will help users who access the social media platform from their mobile devices. Social media analyst Matt Navarra has shared a few posts on Twitter to reveal the new feature. According to Navarra’s tweets (spotted by TechCrunch), Twitter may soon add the advanced search filters feature for mobile users. This feature is expected to make it easier to find specific tweets mobile users are searching for by filtering based on date, user, retweet count, hashtags and more. Navarra’s tweets also include screengrabs and videos that demonstrate how this new Twitter feature will work. However, Navarra has not revealed when this feature will roll out.

Twitter advanced search filters for mobile: What is it
The advanced search filters feature has been technically available on Twitter for some time now. However, regularly using the advanced search feature is not only complicated but also confusing. Web users have to type in their search terms and then click the three-dot menu (placed on the right of the search bar) to open up the advanced search filters. Meanwhile, this feature was unavailable on mobile devices. The report claims that this option will soon be available for mobile users as well.
As per the report, the reason behind these changes in Twitter is possibly due to an intern named George Hotz. Hotz is a security hacker who is known for developing iOS jailbreaks and reverse engineering the PlayStation 3. The report mentions that Hotz has also founded, a driver-assistance system startup that aims to bring Tesla Autopilot–like functionality to other cars.

Why Twitter needs to fix its search feature
Within a week of taking control of Twitter, Musk also tweeted that “Fixing search is a high priority.” He has also appointed Hotz to fix Twitter’s ‘bad’ search system. Hotz did resign from Twitter last month.

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