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ChatGPT shows “unprecedented” growth in two months, reaches 100 million users after launch: Report

Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence research startup OpenAI launched the AI chatbot ChatGPT in November 2022. Since its launch, the chatbot has gone viral for its ability to process prompts and deliver human-like writings including — essays, articles, jokes, job applications and even poems. According to a report by Reuters, analysts have said that the popular AI chatbot has reached 100 million users within two months of its release. As per the report, an analysis conducted by data firm Similarweb claims that in January, ChatGPT had about 590 million visits from 100 million unique users. Meanwhile, analysts at the investment bank UBS stated that the rate of growth was “unprecedented” for any consumer app.
ChatGPT’s growth compared to other platforms
The report adds that the UBS analysts have written a note to mention that they “cannot recall a faster ramp in a consumer internet app,” in the last two decades. To compare, TikTok needed nine months since its launch to reach 100 million users, while Instagram required over two years to achieve the feat. This data was sourced from an app analysis firm named Sensor Tower.
Analysts also believe that the viral launch of ChatGPT will give OpenAI a headstart against other AI-based companies. The growing usage is not only imposing significant computing expenses on OpenAI but has also offered important feedback that will help the chatbot to train responses.
Other services from ChatGPT
OpenAI has also developed the AI-powered image generator tool named Dall-E. The company mainly focuses on generative AI which is a technology trained with huge amounts of text and images and can create content from a simple text prompt.

ChatGPT Plus: What is it
The Microsoft-backed startup also recently announced a $20 monthly subscription for ChatGPT. Initially, this subscription-based service was launched only for users in the US. The paid version of ChatGPT claims to provide a more stable and faster service. Moreover, paid users will also have the opportunity to become the first ones to try out new features.
Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI
Last month, Microsoft has announced another multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI. The investment was made in the form of cash and assistance with cloud computing. Microsoft has also launched a premium version of its Teams platform which is backed by ChatGPT. This platform offers AI-powered features like automatically-generated meeting notes and more. The tool even divides recaps of meetings into sections which are based on the meeting transcript.
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