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Age-old Kebab recipe surfaces from Warren Hastings’ Diary, leaves netizens amazed

There’s no denying that Indian culinary culture has been celebrated and admired globally so much so that it has created a niche for itself in the global culinary map. Well, a recent example of this love was shared as a post by writer Ira Mukhoty on her Twitter page, wherein she posted an age-old Kebab recipe from the private diary of British Governor General Warren Hastings, which stirred up the social media. Here’s all you need to know about it!

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Hasting’s love for Indian Kebabs

Past often arises inquisitiveness and this post literally left netzines curious about the piece of history, which was shared by a writer on her Twitter handle @mukhoty which she captioned as: “Warren Hasting’s kebab recipe Even as charges for corruption were about to be framed against him, Hastings was enjoying Nawab Asaf’s company at Lucknow in July 1784, learning how to make kebabs British library, Hastings’ private diary.”

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How netizens reacted
The post garnered around 77.5K views and 796 likes ever since the tweet went viral. Her post left netizens amazed about the old note and they poured in their reactions: One of the user wrote “Some of the tastiest kebabs in the world are still to be found in Lucknow.” While another user wrote “Exquisite document. Does it say “kebaub khetaai”? Lastly, one user made it witty by writing “Yum. Thank you for sharing. What are nos. 5 and 7? Not “parched boot” and “dhip” surely? Would love to try this!” Here’s what the kebab age old recipe snap looks like.

The age-old kebab recipe

The recipe hailed from the royal kitchen of Nawab Asaf’s company at Lucknow in July 1784. The note clearly expressed his love for the dish. The Kebab recipe note mentioned

minced meat or keema, garlic, chilli, egg yolks, cream, fresh onions, cardamoms, cloves to name a few. Apart from that, the method of preparing the kebab was also mentioned: ‘Grind it well on a stone(silpattah) form it into cakes and fry them in butter, taking care if they do not stick to the pan.”

What is your take on this age-old recipe, would you like to give it a try?

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