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Bangkok-bound SpiceJet flight’s engine blade breaks off, full emergency declared at Kolkata airport | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: As many as 178 passengers and six crew members on board a Bangkok-bound SpiceJet flight had a perturbed moment when the pilot found that one of the engine blades accidentally broke during take off from Kolkata airport early on Monday making the pilot seek a full emergency.
The flight returned to the airport and landed safely 18 minutes later.
The Boeing 737 flight SG 83 took off from Kolkata at 1.09am. Soon after the pilot discovered malfunction in the engine, he called the Air Traffic Control demanding an emergency landing.
A full emergency was declared at 1.11am and the flight landed safely at 1.27am.
The airport authorities had fire tenders, ambulances, medics, CISF and emergency evacuation team and tools ready but the pilot landed the aircraft safely and the passengers could be off boarded without much trouble. The full emergency was terminated at 2am.
“The flight was toed away to the bay and on enquiry it was learnt that one of its left engine blades had got broken while taking off,” said an airport official.
The aircraft is grounded since then and is under inspection while the airline arranged a separate aircraft and the passengers flew out at 7.10am, more than six hours since the scheduled departure.
“On February 26, SpiceJet Boeing 737 aircraft operating SG 83 (Kolkata-Bangkok) returned back to Kolkata after take off due to technical reasons. The aircraft landed safely at Kolkata. Passengers were accommodated on an alternate aircraft for their onward journey and have reached Bangkok,” said SpiceJet spokesperson.



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