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BJP+ on Course for Victory in Tripura, Nagaland; Hung House in Meghalaya

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is set to sweep Tripura and form government in Nagaland with its ally NDPP while Meghalaya is headed for a hung assembly, showed exit polls released on various channels on Monday.

Polling in Tripura took place on February 16 while Meghalaya and Nagaland voted on March 27. The results will be announced on March 2.


According to Axis My India, the BJP alliance could win 36-45 of the 60 seats, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) alliance 6-11 and the Tipra Motha Party (TMP) 9-16.

Matrize, meanwhile, has predicted 29-36 seats for BJP+, 13-21 for CPM+, 11-16 for TMP and three for others. Jan Ki Baat has predicted 29-40 seats for BJP+, 9-16 for CPM+, 10-14 for TMP and one for others. ETG has predicted 24 seats for BJP+, 21 for CPM+, 14 for TMP and one for others.

Of the 60 seats in Tripura, 20 are dominated by the tribals. In the 2018 elections, the BJP won 33 seats, the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) 4, the Communist Party of India (M) 15, and the Congress one.

In 2018, the BJP came to power after overthrowing the 25-year-old Left party and Biplab Deb became the Chief Minister. Amid a series of complaints, the BJP replaced him last May with Dr Manik Saha. Among the talking points in the Tripura elections is the seat-sharing alliance between erstwhile arch rivals – the Left and Congress.

There were initial hiccups as the Left gave 13 seats to Congress, keeping 47 to themselves. While the Congress, keen on getting 17 seats, expressed its displeasure, after several rounds of meetings, they settled on the formula.


Meghalaya is headed towards a hung assembly with the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) emerging as the single-largest party, according to exit poll predictions.

According to Axis My India exit poll results, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma-led party NPP will win 18-24 seats, followed by Congress getting 6-12 seats and BJP securing 4-8 seats.

Matrize also predicted NPP to fall short of the majority mark, securing 21-26 seats, while the TMC will take 8-13 seats, BJP to win 6-11 seats, Congress to get 3-6 seats and others to retain 10-19 seats.

The ETG has predicted NPP to secure 22 seats, the BJP 5 and Congress 3 seats, respectively.

The Jan ki Baat exit poll results have predicted an 11-16 seat win for NPP, followed by 6-11 seats by Congress, 3-7 seats by BJP and others getting 5-12 seats.

In 2018, Congress emerged as the single largest party but failed to secure a majority in the 60-member assembly. The BJP, which won only 2 seats, joined hands with the National People’s Party (NPP) to form the government in the state.


In Nagaland, the NDPP is slated to get 28-34 seats with a vote share of 33 per cent, according to India Today-My Axis. The poll also gives BJP a surprising 16 per cent vote share and 10-14 seats, possibly coming from eastern Nagaland where it focused its campaigning.

Congress is predicted to get 10 per cent votes and between 1-2 seats and the rump of the Naga People’s Front which remained after some 21 MLAs joined NDPP is forecast to get 13 per cent vote share and between 3-8 seats.

Times Now similarly predicts 27-33 seats for NDPP, 12-16 seats for BJP, and 4-8 seats for NPF. While Zee News-Matrize is giving 35-43 to NDPP-BJP, it has also predicted 2-5 seats for the NPF and 1-3 seats for the Congress.

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