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“Mom, what is 69?” How to handle sex questions your child asks?

When my 10 year old daughter asked me, “Mom what is 69 position?” I was taken aback. I asked myself if I heard it properly. 69 and position! I can’t be wrong in hearing it. But where did she learn it?

I went near her and asked her calmly “from where did you hear that?”.

From whatever she spoke innocently, I understood that few boys and girls from her class talk about sex related stuff.

My initial reaction was to report this to the teacher, but then I thought to handle it sensibly. After all, we all know how curious and sensitive kids can be and how things can go wrong if we elders deal with it thoughtlessly.

Then I embarked on one of the toughest journeys of parenthood- explaining to kids about sex.

I explained to her: “Sometimes mom and dad engage in an important task. There are several aspects of that task or you can say there are several ways the task can be done, one of which is 69.”

After explaining this to her, I wanted to leave a caution message. “However, you need to be careful whenever you discuss matters of this importance to other people. We should always respect others’ way of dealing with life and not question them or intrude.”

“We should respect the privacy that comes with matters of such importance. Not everyone wants to talk about such private matters, so we need to be careful while we speak,” I explained further.



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