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500-year old spices found well preserved

Since ages, spices have been a treasure trove of magic and mystery, this is the reason why every spice has a unique history that unfolds tales of culinary heritage. In a recent discovery, a 500 year old spice bottle was found and experts claimed that the spices were well preserved. Here’s a detailed report.

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The viral post
Recently a post by Reuters left the internet amazed with a unique discovery of 50-year old spices, which were discovered by a group of archaeologists from a wreck of a ship. But what caught the attention was that the spices were fresh and intact even after 500 years. The post was captioned: A “unique” cache of well-preserved spices from more than 500 years ago has been found.

The discovery
As per the Reuters report, the bottle of spices was found from a wreck of a ship. The bottle was found on the ship of King Hans of Denmark and Norway, which sank off Sweden’s Baltic coast more than 500 years ago. The spice mix included saffron strands to peppercorns and ginger.

According to the report, it was found on the Gribshunden ship 1495 caught fire and sank. Archaeological scientist Brendan Foley, from Lund University said in a statement: “The Baltic is strange – it’s low oxygen, low temperature, low salinity, so many organic things are well preserved in the Baltic where they wouldn’t be well preserved elsewhere in the world ocean system.”

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