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H3N2 Virus: H3N2 cases on rise: Would antibiotics help?

Self prescribing antibiotics do damage the body and health experts agree on that.

“With the prolonged use of antibiotics, many patients have become anti-antibiotic that even the primary diseases have become difficult to treat and transform into fatal diseases. Some of the most common side effects are that people often take underdose, for under duration, that may lead to antibiotic resistance, without providing any relief and may also lead to higher rate of infection spread as the infection may not be treated,” says Dr Dang.

Dr Singh says there could be multiple side effects of taking antibiotics without consulting a doctor. The side effects include a deterioration in health, increasing viraemia, setting in of organ-specific complications, and late detection of the primary pathogen.

Antibiotics are the most common antimicrobial substances that are actively used to fight bacteria by killing or suppressing their growth. However, with the advent of technology and easy access to information, many people are now commonly taking these drugs without a proper prescription, which has led to a rise in the number of cases related to antimicrobial resistance and side effects, says Dr. Bindumathi P L, Sr. Consultant – Internal Medicine, Aster CMI Hospital. The common issues, the expert explains, one is likely to face due to over consumption of antibiotics are: gut flora upset, diarrhea, fungal infection, drug interaction, and antimicrobial resistance.



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