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Love Capsule: My wife is secretly obsessed with her gym trainer

My wife and I have been married for over 3 years now. We got married when we were quite young as our families wanted us to get married as soon as possible. At that time, we didn’t have a better understanding of our relationship, so we agreed to get married. We just knew that we liked each other.
As time went by, we began to notice different habits within each other. My wife is a different kind of person than I had anticipated. She is rebellious, impulsive and spontaneous. She doesn’t really care about what others think of her. She hardly cares about others. But I know for a fact that she loves me, she has to. After all, we are partners.

However, for the past few months, my wife and I haven’t been really close. She has taken up a job as a yoga instructor in one of the best studios in the city and spends most of her time training. She is incredibly beautiful and I feel proud of her but ever since she has taken up the new job, she has been too busy; she has no time for me.
One day I wanted to treat her to a special spa session and candlelight dinner. She used to be pretty excited about all this, but this time, she was simply disinterested. She showed no excitement over me treating her this especially. She simply talked about what was going on in her life and how busy she has been with her new job.

It puzzled me so much.

Since then, I began noticing how different she had become. She hardly spoke to me or gave me attention. I began looking into her phone and found out that she had been talking to her gym trainer a lot. They were all normal messages about exercises but the frequency was quite a bit. So I insisted on dropping her off at the yoga studio the next day. I wanted to meet this gym trainer.

The next day, I insisted on taking a round around the studio, showing genuine interest in what she does. I also met her gym trainer who has ripped, lean muscles, making him look really attractive. I can’t deny, I did get a bit jealous and insecure. The way my wife introduced him to me—I could see a different kind of sparkle in her eyes while she looked at him.

She likes the guy. And I am sure of it.

I let it go and since then I have been focusing on making her feel happier by myself. But now, all my wife talks about is her job and what she has been learning from her gym trainer. It looks as if she is completely obsessed with him! All she thinks and talks about is him!

Has she forgotten that I am her husband? But the thought of confronting her and talking to her about what I have been feeling scares me. What if after the fight, she decides to leave me? What if she really is obsessed with the trainer and likes him enough to divorce me? All these thoughts have been giving me sleepless nights and I am completely clueless about what step I should take.



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