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Create stunning designs instantly with unlimited access to premium content, more powerful design tools, and AI-powered magic.

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Canva Pro

users access a much larger pool of images, graphics, customizable templates, fonts, collaboration tools, and a whole set of premium features that assist with marketing, managing a brand’s visual identity, and other common business-oriented uses for Canva designs. 

Canva Pro is Great

If you are running a business with decent traction and want to gear your visual strategy up, Canva Pro is worth your time and your dime.

The premium segment of Canva adds considerable power to the service with advanced features: 

  • Over 100 million premium images (stock photos, vector illustrations, videos, and graphic elements)
  • 42,000+ premium templates – this means more templates since they add to the ones available for free
  • More than 3,000 custom fonts – and you may upload your own fonts, too
  • Unlimited downloads of stock media
  • 100 GB cloud storage
  • Brand kits: Upload your logo files, brand colors, and other brand’s visual identity elements and have them applied to your designs automatically. C Pro lets you have multiple brand kits in one account, too!
  • Magic resize: one-click resizing images to perfectly adjust to preset dimensions, such as a social media platform or a custom dimension. The magic resize tool lets you create multiple versions of your design in different sizes at once
  • Custom templates: turn your existing designs and personalized edits into a reusable design template
  • Background removal: create elements with transparent backgrounds instantly
  • Team members: you can add users to your account to work as a team (up to 5 for the same price, for more seats, the price increases accordingly)
  • Publisher pro: Manage and publish your designs on various mediums 
  • Animation: Create an animated GIF in simple steps
  • Extra file formats to download your designs (from JPEG and PNG to PDF and GIF)

🎁Get Your 94% Discount Now🎁